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Angelica Pedini


A grandiose canvas on which to paint living scenarios

Theater is an artistic universe that has always attracted me, since I was little. Not only as a space for dance, but also as a grandiose canvas on which to paint living scenarios. My career in theater has taken shape and substance thanks to several significant collaborations, each of which has contributed to enriching my professional and artistic background.

One of these notable collaborations was with the set designer Domenico Franchi. Together, we worked on the creation of sets for the Teatro Grande in Brescia, for projects such as the opera "Les Miserables", where I had the honor of creating the painted panels that enriched the production. A detailed presentation of our work can be viewed on Domenico Franchi's website.

But our synergy didn't stop at the city limits; we also created models for the "La Scala and the Orient" exhibition at the Palazzo Reale in Milan. This experience became further internationalized when we went to Paris for the Autumn Festival, another stage of global resonance on which we had the opportunity to express our talent.

Another project that is particularly close to my heart is my collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Brescia. In this context, I had the opportunity to carry out the works and paint the sketches created by Domenico Franchi for the show "Cuore" directed by Silvia Costa. This experience was further enriched by the manual creation of all the sets for "Pel di Carota," another show that debuted in Paris.

Each theater project has been for me a journey into the heart of art, a way to experiment with new techniques and ways of expression, and a chance to contribute to the magic that only theater can create. Through these experiences, I was able to merge my passion for painting, scenography and art in general, into a single, cohesive act of creation.

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