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Why Jute as a material to paint on

At the same time as the fresco decorations, anatomical studies on jute began. This material was chosen for its body and its amber color; It's not a blank canvas. The idea of using this material comes from theatrical backdrops.

For 10 years, painting frescoes every day gave me a quick and immediate approach on how to give maximum results with light and shadow, leaving the background as the third color. The only peculiarity is that, since the jutes are painted in oil, the brushwork cannot be correct. It's not like oil paintings that you can retouch or change them; when the color is applied, it remains fixed. The third color is given by jute.

The first jutes are an in-depth study on the plastic rendering of the material with lights and shadows. We find male plastic studies.

Another peculiarity of my jutes is the inclusion of metals or materials. Copper and gold are the most used. The studs delimit a space. The use of metals was born to give symbolic and conceptual value to the communication of the painting.

The paintings have a strong communication; what interests me most is to "interest" the viewer, raising their awareness through art towards a denunciation of social injustices. This awareness is linked to the protection of the environment, the protection of human rights and the promotion of greater interaction and social inclusion.

"NATIVE" = example.

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