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Oils Collection

Oils as synonymous with exclusivity and innovation

The oil works represent a combination of tradition and innovation, a perfect balance between the classic pictorial technique and the use of precious materials such as gold and silver. These paintings are not simple works of art; they are commissioned and highly personalized projects that adapt the art to the functionality and context in which they will be placed.

An emblematic example is the painting dedicated to the "Mille Miglia", a work that has gained so much attention that it was exhibited at the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia. This painting is not only a tribute to the historic car race, but is also an embodiment of speed, movement and energy, enhanced by the use of gold which elevates the composition to a higher level.

When art meets interior design
The artist's works do not stop at pure artistic expression; they also enter the world of interior design. The reinterpretations of Tamara de Lempicka's works, for example, were created specifically for modern furnishings and were published in "Dentro Casa", one of the most read design magazines in Italy. These works demonstrate how art can be adapted and reimagined to dialogue with contemporary spaces, always maintaining a high level of exclusivity and sophistication.

Each oil painting is a synthesis of creativity, technique and high-quality materials, resulting in works that are not only visually fascinating, but that tell a story, carry a message and, above all, express a unique artistic vision.

With these creations, we enter an artistic universe where art is not just a decorative element, but becomes an integral component of the environment in which it lives, be it museums, private homes or public spaces. Through these works, oil art proves itself once again as one of the most versatile and fascinating forms of artistic expression.

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