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Feathers Collection

An artistic journey through freedom, right to life and social denunciation

The different works of the "PIUME" pictorial cycle explore profound and significant themes, from the concept of spiritual freedom to the denunciation of social injustices and crimes against human rights. In each canvas, feathers are a recurring element that takes on the role of protagonist.

In the painting "BLUE FEATHERS", feathers become a symbol of various concepts such as wind, the divine, flight, mind, speed and wisdom. These are circumscribed in a symbolic space on the jute, which serves as a reminder of the Right to Life, expressly defined as the right to "live in freedom and security."

“BLACK FEATHERS AND GOLD” adds a darker, more historical dimension. This work is part of the same cycle and conceptually represents the reasons why the Native Americans were exterminated. Burnt jute symbolizes the earth, while cast black and feathers reflect oil. At the end, symbolic nuggets highlight the greed for gold in Native American territories.

"BLUE and GOLD" and "BLUE FEATHERS and SILVER" maintain the theme of feathers as a symbol of spiritual freedom. Both works circumscribe these feathers in a symbolic space to remember the Right to Life and human rights. In “BLUE FEATHERS and SILVER,” silver is used to serve as a reminder of the natives' greed and lust for territory, much like the gold nuggets in “BLACK FEATHERS AND GOLD.”

“GOLD FEATHERS” is a powerful cry against human rights crime. The golden feathers symbolize not only freedom and wisdom, but also the valor and courage of the natives who fought for their territory. These feathers are intentionally enclosed in a rectangle to evoke the image of a concentration camp, emphasizing continued human cruelty.

Finally, "ROSE FEATHERS" follows the thread of the series, with feathers symbolizing spiritual freedom, framed in a symbolic space to remember human rights and, specifically, the Right to Life.

Each work of the "PIUME" cycle is a powerful artistic testimony that combines symbolic and conceptual elements to explore and denounce various forms of injustice and violation of human rights.

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