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Angelica Pedini

Visual Artist

Angelica Pedini

Art as communication


Angelica Pedini

Angelica Pedini, a graduate of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, embarked on an artistic journey that now sees her as a multifaceted painter with a strong inclination toward communication through various mediums. From the fresco technique to modern pictorial cycles on Juta, her art has evolved while remaining true to its underlying theme: communication.

Angelica Pedini


Angelica Pedini's portfolio is a kaleidoscope of techniques and themes. While in the past her hands created frescoes and watercolors, today they focus mainly on oils, theatrical installations, and paintings on Jute. Each work is a chapter in a larger discourse that the artist builds with her audience.

Angelica Pedini
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The latest collections

Angelica Pedini's most recent collections - 'Native' and 'Feathers' - are a manifesto of her sensitivity to human rights. Inspired and provocative, these collections offer a new perspective on our world, prompting the viewer to question important and often overlooked issues.

Angelica Pedini

Explores the depth of social engagement through 'Native,' a pictorial series that brings out the struggle of Native Americans as a universal symbol of injustice

Lose yourself in the ethereal allure of 'Piume,' works of art that embody lightness and freedom, evoking a dialogue between heaven and earth

native and rose feathers
Angelica Pedini

Discover 'Green', an artistic introspection that celebrates nature as a symbol of life, contrasting its purity with the environmental disfigurements that threaten our future

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