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Collection Coffee Gold

measures 100cm x 70cm
technique: authentic jute sack, burns, acrylic and golden coffee leaf

Angelica Pedini's work on jute reflects the ongoing conceptual research to raise awareness of Human Rights. Apparently we see a lot of Jute from Brazil or other parts of the world, with inserts of coffee beans.

Jute is worn out by the time-worn work in the fields of coffee plantations, the reference to slavery and the exploitation of people is no coincidence (still very current in many countries of the world, where human rights are neither known nor recognised).

The golden coffee beans are symbolically the GOLD obtained from this product.
Here, like other raw materials, coffee is also among those that saw slavery up close before oil, so that it too was defined as black gold.

Coffee gold underlines the still current importance of the exploitation of workers in general, because no one was born a slave but a free person.

Human Right n°4 “NO SLAVERY”

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