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Angelica Pedini's portfolio is a kaleidoscope of techniques and themes. While in the past her hands gave life to frescoes, watercolours, decorations and oils, today every work of art is concentrated in pictorial cycles on Juta which have a social concept.

Each jute is an artefact - in other words a product of human intentionality, created for a social purpose dealing with issues such as Human Rights. The ultimate aim is not simply a representation of reality, but rather an extraction of the concept to be communicated.

Delving deeper, for example, into the history of the Natives, it emerges that they were not objects of decoration or representation, but were exploited and exterminated for human greed. The 24k gold applied is not just a decoration but serves to raise the viewer's awareness of the precious metal which was one of the causes of the extermination of the Natives. It is applied to them not as gold to be exploited but to highlight their humanity as precious beings. Every Individual has an intrinsic value and must be respected as an integral part of this world.

After a first examination, the jutes therefore express in different ways a denunciation towards this world which tends to be less and less "social"... Each work is a chapter of a broader discourse that the artist constructs with his audience...




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