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Angelica Pedini

Angelica Pedini, a graduate of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, has embarked on an artistic journey that now sees her as a multifaceted painter with a strong inclination toward communication. From the fresco technique to modern pictorial cycles on Juta, her art has evolved while remaining true to its underlying theme: communication.

Artistic evolution until 2015

The contemporary period since 2015

Angelica Pedini

Artistic evolution

Angelica Pedini, a resonant name in the Italian art scene, began her journey in art with a classical education, graduating from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 1991. Her artistic evolution until 2015 has been a journey through different techniques and styles, culminating in a series of recognizable and influential works.




In the early years of her career, Angelica put her academic training to good use, specializing in fresco technique. Her works during this period were primarily commissioned by public and private entities, and were a tribute to the Italian artistic tradition.



Watercolors and Innovation

From the classicism of frescoes, Angelica then moved to the use of watercolor, exploring the fluidity and transparency that this technique could offer. Her watercolors have been exhibited in galleries and art fairs, receiving plaudits from both critics and the public.

Frescoes | Watercolors | Sketches

The contemporary period since 2015

Starting in 2015, Angelica Pedini embarked on a new chapter in her artistic career, characterized by a strong sense of research and experimentation.



Oils on canvas and new techniques

Temporarily abandoning watercolor and fresco, Angelica has immersed herself in the world of oils on canvas, with a focus on texture and form. Her recent works often incorporate unconventional materials, such as textiles and salvaged objects, creating a tactile and multi-sensory dimension.



Social dialogue

Many of his most recent works address social and humanitarian issues, inviting the viewer into a deep and engaging dialogue.



Jute Painting and "Native" series

One of his best-known projects is the "Native," a series of works devoted to the theme of human rights and social injustice. These works are made on canvases of burnt jute, a material that evokes annihilation and destruction, and have been exhibited at major international events such as the New York Biennale Art Expo.



With this new journey, Angelica Pedini continues to push the traditional boundaries of art, always seeking new ways to communicate and touch people through her work.

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