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The exploration of light and transparency through watercolors

My artistic training is rooted in studies at the Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, specializing in Pictorial Decoration. Despite the name of my training path, it was precisely in the academic context that I discovered a profound affinity with the watercolor technique. However, my approach to this art form was anything but conventional.

My teacher, a key figure in my artistic journey, introduced us to an in-depth study of watercolor. But rather than following traditional applications, such as landscape or portrait reproduction, we were encouraged to explore the medium in a completely new way. The focus was on the manipulation of "glazes," underlining the importance of transparency and light in the art of watercolor.

This innovative approach has given rise to a series of works that can best be described as multi-glazed cartoons. These works, imbued with overlapping layers of color and delicate shades, play with light in such a way as to create a sense of depth and three-dimensionality. Each veil becomes a lens through which light filters, refracts and reflects, adding layers of complexity to the final composition.

Transparency is an element that particularly fascinates me. It is not just a technical aspect, but also a philosophical concept that invites us to see beyond appearances, to go deeper to discover new dimensions of perception and interpretation.

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