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Native Collection

 A journey between injustice and memory in the faces of Native Americans

The “Native” series is a deep and thoughtful exploration of human rights crimes, with a particular focus on the genocide of Native Americans. Each painting is made on burnt jute canvases, a detail that evokes the annihilation of the original territory of these populations. The monochromatic color used highlights the plasticity of the faces represented, each of which seems to carry the story like a brand in focus.

The element of gold applied to the paintings is a focal point that serves to reflect the greed that led to the extermination of these communities. In contrast to a battle trophy, gold here symbolizes the precious knowledge and alchemy between the earth and the universe, underscoring a deep connection with the natural world that has been brutally severed.

The dark atmosphere of the works contributes to creating a feeling of gravity and seriousness, forcing the viewer to confront the painful past and the injustices that still exist. This series is a cry of denunciation against the oblivion that surrounds these tragedies, a visual memory that prevents man from repeating the same historical mistakes. As part of a larger narrative about human rights abuses, “Native” serves as a powerful warning and vehicle for awareness.

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