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A decade of large-scale exploration and realization

The art of frescoes represents a fundamental stage in my artistic journey, a natural extension of my interest in pictorial decoration. For a decade, I had the opportunity to work intensively on this age-old technique, alongside masters of caliber such as Roberto Radici. My experience in this field has been as profound as it is varied, ranging from large-scale projects, such as those created for Tenuta Borgo La Caccia in Pozzolengo, to interventions focused on the urban context, such as the Season store located in via Moretto in the historic center of Brescia.

There's something intoxicating about the smell of fresh plaster in the morning, a sort of unspoken promise that the day will be filled with creativity and discovery. The art of fresco painting is a visceral experience: each brushstroke is an immediate act that requires both precision and speed. Unlike other painting techniques, with fresco you have a very narrow window of time to work in, making every moment in front of the wall a delicate balance between intention and execution.

Speed is an aspect that I find particularly rewarding in this art form. In a single day, you can see an idea take shape, color and structure; and as time passes, that creation becomes an integral part of the architecture that hosts it, a lasting testimony to a moment of pure inspiration.

The frescoes I created are not just decorations, but visual narratives that communicate with the space they inhabit. Whether it is an ancient estate or a modern shop in the heart of the city, the objective has always been to create a work that dialogues with its environment, which can enrich and enhance it, and which at the same time is a tribute to the historic and magnificent art of fresco.

For further details on my fresco projects, I invite you to visit Tenuta Borgo La Caccia, a place where art and architecture blend in perfect harmony, reflecting the synthesis of technique and passion that characterizes my approach to this timeless art form.

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